Dirty Money with 123Klan: Bandit-1M Hat

Juxtapoz // Friday, 18 Jun 2010

These are available in limited quantities: only 30 are on sale via their e-shop: 123klan.bigcartel.com.


Bandit-1$M was brought to life in 2007 by the creative minds of 123KLAN. Founded by Scien and Klor, its name echoes their evolution: first renowned for their graffiti pieces, they became sought after for their signature style and strong designs. Graffiti being considered vandalism, their way of making a living out of criminal acts is known as “banditisme”, banditry. The “1$M” part, besides referring to dirty money, is a twisted version of the “123” from 123KLAN.


Placed under the sign of authenticity and uncompromising style, it mixes bold designs and smart messages in an array of catchy colors. Tees are the main subject, but the Bandit-1$M way of life actually extends to every facet of your daily routine, via hats, stickers, cushions, posters, wall design and lots more.


For additional information, visit www.123klan.com






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