Derek Hess Calendar Contest Winners

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 05 Jan 2006

Dallas Larsen plans to "grow a big snake."

Dave Goss plans to "confront my demons in order to transcend my own destiny in search of the truth that is reveled through art." Heavy.

Eddie Merma plans to "smile and dance."

Greg Goossens plans to "mark the skin."

If Robots Attack plans to "do graffiti."

Jessica Hobdell plans to "go completely insane trying to finish college. I will start to see spots all around me and have tiny penises grow out of my head. And then graduate...maybe. I will also open cans with my nose."

Kelly Shpeley plans to "practice my shit-eating grin."

Rawb Carter plans to "go to hell in a handbasket."

Sam Samuels plans to "be living in the city, working every day, eating, paying bills, seeing different people all the time, trying not to get caught up, you know, living."

"Here is a sketch of what Skullboy Pepe plans to be doing in the new year, same as the old year, loving skulls."

Thanks to everyone who sent in submissions. Happy new year!!


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