Day 8: Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT in San Francisco

Juxtapoz // Monday, 17 Sep 2007
Day 8 of the Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT art tour was held in San Francisco, CA. For the day event, Dave Choe, Saber, and Retna did a live painting installation at Upper Playground on Fillmore. One woman was there to get Saber to sign a shirt she bought her nephew and decided to really go for it and have Dave Choe sign the shirt she was wearing too. The evening event was held at 111 Minna in conjunction with the Juxtapoz Get Exposed party. The place was packed with a line around the building. A definite highlight was when Dave Choe broke out with a rad drum solo between DJ sets. This Wednesday, September 19th, the tour will be in Portland, OR at Upper Playground at 3pm for a daytime event and then at the Rotture bar at 9pm.

Photos by Jon Dragonette. Video by Michael Langan.

Saber and Retna at Upper Playground SF
An onlooker admires Dave Choe's work
Retna's piece
Dave Choe touches up one of the doors on Fillmore St.
Saber painting at 111 Minna
N8 Van Dyke showed up to paint at the 111 Minna event
Dave Choe busts out an awesome set on the kit

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