Day 11: Exploring Stumptown

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 20 Sep 2007
Day 11 was another travel day for the artists and crew of the Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT art tour. As the tour made its way to Portland (AKA, Stumptown) they decided to make a pit stop at a skate park where Saber and Dave Choe kicked back while tour photographer, Jon Dragonette, had a quick skate session. Once in Portland, the crew checked out an army surplus store that provided hours of entertainment. Their next, and final, stop on the West Coast leg of the tour will have artist, N8 Van Dyke, re-joining them in Seattle, WA. The day event starts at 3pm at 35th North at 1100 East Pike Street. The nighttime event will be held at Lo_Fi Performance Gallery located at 429 Eastlake Ave. E and will feature DJs Hideki and Kamui.

Photos by Jon Dragonette. Video by Michael Langan

A shot of one of Portland's skyscrapers - all of which are under 600 feet!


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