David Choe to have special release of "Tokyo Girl" print tomorrow, December 3

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 02 Dec 2010


David Choe had an art show with his friend James Jean in Tokyo last month, and most of us could not go. Not even Dave, because he is banned from Japan. But there is a prize for those David Choe supporters and fans who couldn't go: A "Tokyo Girl" print release.

Here is the full information:

Dave held a few of the limited edition prints “TOKYO GIRL,” for his the tokyo show back. It is in a edition of 76, and there are a few left. This Friday, on 12/3/10 at noon PST, Dave will release the remaining prints at Trapezeeditions.com. The print is 17" x 17," on what Dave calls "the best paper ever" and available for $250 .

On top of that, by popular demand, Dave will release a 44" x 44" version of the same print at a super limited edtion of 5 (this was not available in Japan) for $808.

Both prints are signed and numbered by David Choe, who adds, "Who knows maybe something a little extra thank you all for the love and continued support, you all inspire me to create bigger and better things!"

Again, release is at 12-noon PST tomorrow, December 3rd.

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