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David Choe "Swamp Girl" Print

Juxtapoz // Monday, 23 May 2011

A year ago, David Choe took over the entire issue of Juxtapoz' May 2010 edition. A year later, David takes a trip to the Columbian rainforest, meets the Kogi Indians, and will havea print release on June 3rd at 2PM PST, with a portion of the sales going to Kogi schools.

David wanted to make his description of the prints really confusing, but what you should know is that the print features one of David's favorite illustrations he has ever done.

To break it down, there will be a 22" x 22" vibrant colored "Swamp Girl" print at an edition of 44 at $223.

Also, there will be there will be a 44" x 44" vibrant colored "Swamp Girl" print at an edition of 16 at $555

And, there will be a super limited "Ash" edition, which is mostly black and white with limited color, in an edition of 9 at $666.

All prints are hand-signed and avaible available from Bobby Namba at


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