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Curator Says: Let Me Introduce Myself

Juxtapoz // Friday, 24 Aug 2007

Juxtapoz "curator" Greg Escalante initiates us with his first blog and tells us a little something about Basil Wolverton and Mark Mothersbaugh.

by Greg Escalante, The Curator

(This is one of my favorite photos of Greg. Here he is, on the left, at Mark Ryden's "Tree Show" in the "requested colors" back in March 2007. -EO)

( web editor) Ert O'Hara is coaching me on my blog and she has asked me to introduce myself then give you information on the art subjects I want to talk about.

Back in 1993, Robert Williams was producing an alternative art magazine, which was named Art Alternatives?. After about a year and maybe four issues, the magazine was up for sale, and I told Williams that we should approach Fausto Vitello, founder of Thrasher Magazine, about the opportunity. This made sense since he was a fan of Williams and had featured him on the cover of a past issue.

Somehow the deal couldn't be made, but the editor of Art Alternatives and Williams, CR Stecyk, others, and myself all joined forces and produced a new publication that Robert Williams created and named Juxtapoz Art Magazine.

The magazine was born and I was listed on the masthead as curator.

Besides this, I was interested in art as an art collector starting with a Robert Williams original as my first acquisition. Over the years, I have been a volunteer helper with several Museums in my Orange county neighborhood, beginning with Laguna Art Museum and The Orange County Museum of Art to The Huntington Beach Art Center, and presently, The Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana (GCAC).

Which brings us to this first posting which is about two amazing shows opening free for all on Saturday, September 1st, 2007 at the GCAC in Santa Ana: Basil Wolverton... Possibly the real father of the Low Brow art movement as he presaged Von Dutch and Ed Roth...Finally, he has his first ever retrospective complete with scholarly catalogue that includes an essay by Doug Harvey, chief art critic of the L.A. Weekly.

Wolverton exhibition details are online here:

And... Mark Mothersbaugh, famous front man for the band DEVO as well as also art school-trained artist. Here we see Mark's latest body of work, including a splendidly produced catalogue of the show.

Mothersbaugh exhibition details are online here:

Coming next. Conversation with Wyland...yeah the whale painter...



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