Conor Harrington x Vhils in Lisbon, Portugal

Juxtapoz // Friday, 01 Apr 2011
Conor Harrington street work is hard to come by these days, and the former Juxtapoz cover artist teamed up Vhils in Portugal for a nice combo piece. Our Conor Harrington wrote, "Our ideas are quite similar, mixing realism and abstraction through various layers so we gave it a go in an abandoned factory outside Lisbon."

Conor also mentions this is just the beginning of a larger-scale collaboration, so stay tuned for more when that becomes a reality.




And, another piece Conor did in Portugal... on the topic, he said, "There was also a discussion about my placement on the wall as I was marking out the horse. I had to go over a tag, which I never like doing but it was either that or a chrome. A discussion ensued regarding graffiti ethics (blah blah blah) but I found it funny given my choice of land-grabbing colonial imagery that here we were in lisbon discussing the same thing. Maybe I’m the colonialist coming into a new country and imposing myself over others. Fuck it, I had a lot of fun though."





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