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Colorful Coffins

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 13 Jul 2011


Personally, the thought of being buried 6 feet under after my demise totally freaks met out, but this morning when I stumbled across these caskets I may have second guessed myself. Now this isn't a post about an artist who created some ironic coffins, but rather how you can literally click your pick and design your own Colorful Coffin.


Colorful Coffins even offers a 100 percent recycled cardboard option for the green-freak, in addition their Artistic, Musical, and Sport themed options. Color Coffins really does cater to anyone, for example a dancer, the ice cream lover, the retro junkie and so on. There are quite a few options to choose the design for your final resting place. If you had one of those tricked-out MySpace pages Colorful Coffins might be for you.


Check out Colorful Coffins and pick your own design here. —B. Gentile


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