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Collages by Joe Yorty

Juxtapoz // Sunday, 05 Aug 2012

Joe Yorty is a San Diego-based artist that works in a variety of sculptural and two-dimensional mediums. As an obsessive collector of things and a habitual thrift store scavenger, Yorty utilizes objects that are carefully crafted by the unskilled, worn by use and time, and discarded for a second round of consumption. His collages featured here are a brilliant combination of high art minimalism, kitsch decor, and carefully selected found materials. This untitled collection of collages combines flowery vintage wall paper with wood patterned vinyl contact paper on medium density fiberboard in a way that evokes minimalist sculpture like that of California's light and space movement, yet instead of using impeccably crafted fiberglass and metal forms, Yorty uses materials that could easily be plastered all over your grandma's bathroom, a beautiful combination of high and low.



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