Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Photos by WORMZER3000

Collabro runs May 20th - June 18th, 2006
Subject Matter Gallery
2930 Bristol St., Ste A-101
Costa Mesa, CA

Curated by Poor Al. Featuring collaborations by Joshua Petker, Sylvia Ji, Robert Bowen, Alex Pardee, John Stuart Berger, Lesley Reppeteaux, Daryll Peirce, Henry Lewis, Shawn Barber, Diet, Curve, Luiki, The Mac, Mark Bode, Peter Taylor, Sez, Jophen Stein, Greg Simkins, Kim Scott, Michele Waterman, Len Croskey, Gustaf Rooth, Tim McCormick, Kofie, Asylm, Scott Saw, Neko, C. Liu, Mike Maxwell, The Kid Peep, John Gill, Axis, Poor Al, Sophia Pottish, Marshall Astor, Chris Coggan, Siloette, Dave "Persue" Ross, Tristan Eaton, Downtimer, Aaron Kraten, Casey O'Connell, Joe Joe, Tina Anderson, Meex, Albert Reyes, Kelly Hutchinson, David Russell Talbott, Korin Faught, Natalia Fabia, Azstar78, Thought Ninjas, Jeremy Parker, Mike Kershner, Justin Abbink, Brandon Steen, Keith Greene, Eric Koester, Marco Zamora, Ewsoe, Chandu Reading, Andre Salcido, Isaac Pierro, Monica Hoover, Johnny Vampotna, Retna, Brooke Reidt, Kevin Peterson + MORE....

"Collabro" by Johnny Vampotna

Lesley Reppeteaux and Brandon Steen, Axis and Sylvia Ji, Poor Al and Greg "Craola" Simkins

Gustaf Rooth and Poor Al rock the mechanical flower DVD player.

Gallery Director, Dana Jazayeri, Persue and Brittany.

Asylm and Kofie

Fun & games

Marco Zamora and Jophen Stein

The Mac and Siloette

Joe Joe and Axis

Curator, Poor Al, with girlfriend Niecha and friend

Kelly Hutchinson and David Russell Talbott's Peewee Adventure, and a John Michael Gill and Jeremy Szuder jammie

John Michael Gill and Sophia Pottish, Andre Salcido and John Stuart Berger, Sophia Pottish and Misha

Salon stylo

Kevin Peterson, Neko, Bezerk, John Sharifi on 'the monster'

Chatting about fresh stuffs

Da peeps

John Michael Gill and Poor Al get down with the 'bubbly'

More goods

John Michael Gill and Greg "Craola" Simkins

Persue and Tristan Eaton in 3-D

Artist Lesley Reppeteaux also sent in a few of her pics:

The walls of Subject Matter

Lesley sketching

Lesley and Daryll Pierce

Daryll sketchin

Daryll Pierce and Jim Darling

Poor Al, Brandon Steen, Lesley Reppeteaux

Alex Pardee

Poor Al

Lesley, Daryll & Al

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