Cincinnati Art Museum to open The Amazing American Circus Poster

Juxtapoz // Monday, 28 Feb 2011

The Cincinnati Art Museum is set to open The Amazing American Circus Poster, featuring 80 circus posters from the major heyday of 1878 through 1939. Not only are the posters intriguing pieces of art, but historical documents of a history of performance that is no longer a staple of American culture. And, they are the origins of promotional, commercial poster art.

The Museum writes "Cincinnati-based Strobridge Lithographing Company, which created all the posters in this exhibition, and became the leading printer for the major circuses of this time. The posters designed and printed by Strobridge were unrivaled for their quality, and contain a detailed portrait of the American circus in its “Golden Age,” when it flourished as a vital institution for cultural entertainment in this country."

The poster above is
P.T.Barnum's Greatest Show on Earth & The Great London Circus: Zazel, The Beautiful Human Cannon Ball, 1882, color lithograph poster.

The Amazing American Circus Poster
Through July 10, 2011
The Cincinnati Art Museum
Cincinnati, Ohio