Christopher Locke's Modern Fossils

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 13 Jan 2011

This isn't so much of a lets remeber our cassettes and Game Boy, this is what is the best way to use these old devices in a way to make money. Christopher Locke had the best idea: Fossilize them.

Locke calls them Modern Fossils. This is how he puts his process:

These are modern fossils. They are made from actual archaic technology that was once cutting-edge. Most of these examples were discovered in the United States, although the various species are represented all over the world. It is sad, but most of these units lived very short lives. Most people attribute the shortened lifespan to aggressive predators or accelerated evolution, but this is not necessarily true. It has been shown recently that the true demise of most of these specimens came from runaway consumerism and wastefulness at the high end of the food chain.

In a special process, these items are reproduced in a proprietary blend of concrete and other secret ingredients, giving them the look and feel of real stone fossils. Each fossil is made one at a time, by hand, in an individual mold. Because of the hand-made nature of the item, there will be variations in pigmentation, and small imperfections in the surface. While you can choose a general color range, please keep in mind that each fossil is unique, and color variations are inevitable.

Each "species" of modern fossil has a Latin name marked on the bottom or back, and can be shipped straight to your door. Lead times vary.


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