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Christopher Bettig: 'Of Woe x Magic'

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 13 Oct 2010

“It’s about all the love I have for everything. There may be a crystal or two involved, sorry, I tried to keep it scientific. Let’s all make something by hand. I sewed, printed, and painted this. It is only the beginning. Everything is infinite. It will last forever & it will also end on November 1, 2010.”


Christopher Bettig is a French / American artist currently based in Los Angeles. His artwork takes form in various mediums ranging from crafty to painterly or illustrative, all the way to large scale sculptural installations.


“Often using a soft palette, his fine art can be described as decorative upon first glance until subtle layers reveal the underlying complexities in his paintings and hand-sewn paper collages. A consistent theme of recycling and reusing common objects, often deemed as waste or garbage, which would normally be destined for a landfill has become a personal trademark for him and a sort of ode to environmental stewardship.


Bettig has his hands in a wide variety of projects, including custom work for the likes of Circa, Puma, Vannen, Bodega Grove, Threadless, Urban Outfitters, Poketo, Converse, and more.


Of Woe & Magic at San Francisco’s new Candystore Collective at 2226 Bush Street looks great, with a series of hand sewn pieces, fluttering wall paper, and a permanent site-specific wooden installation.







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