Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 11 Jul 2006

Photos by Maia Lemur

BELLWETHER is pleased to present "Choplogic", a three-person exhibition featuring more than 30 works on paper by artists: Melissa Brown, Anthony Campuzano and Amy Wilson. Opening reception was June 29th, 2006 and the show runs through August 11th.

On view by MELISSA BROWN are three recto-verso currency denomination prints. These oversized woodcuts were printed using a steamroller and feature screen-printed metallic accents. The images are a satire of the new ten and twenty dollar bills and mimic gradient color choices, metallic strips and iridescent inks on the updated United States notes but replace the traditional historic portraits and emblems with contemporary figures and quotations. Smaller versions of the prints reveal biting and comical visual puns when folded to create a new image.

The works of ANTHONY CAMPUZANO included in this exhibition are entitled: A Bigger Story, Barricaded Door/Arabian Nights, UN Meditation Room #2, After the Day After, Extricate, and Stay The Course. Campuzano is focused on making pictures derived from an examination of the current US administration's global posture and military actions in accordance with the artist


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