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Chloe Early Comes to LA this October

Juxtapoz // Monday, 20 Sep 2010


There’s a sort of indefinable, magical air about Chloe. Slightly mysterious, passionate, and highly talented painter, Chloe continues “I read Milton’s Paradise Lost about the age old story of Adam and Eve, heaven and hell or Paradise and Pandemonium (a word I learned he invented ). It’s a beautiful epic book with lots of imagery of Eden’s bounty overflowing and the dangers and descent into temptation and chaos.”


This comment suggests a continuation of influence and interest in the classic story of creation, which she spoke with us about back in May when we visited her London studio. The upcoming show will revolve around the classical Biblical tale of Adam and Eve exploring development, temptation, and intimacy.


Take a look at looser pieces she has been playing around with the past few months below, and stay tuned for more images and info on her October solo soon.


See our studio visit with Chloe in London right here.



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