Chaz Borjórquez and Idris Goodwin—New Mexico Remix

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 16 Dec 2010

Chaz Bojorquez, a Juxtapoz cover artist in March 2009 and a penultimate legend of the Los Angeles graffiti game (we are talking Orson Welles level), made a video this past Fall with poet Idris Goodwin. Titled "New Mexico Remix," the piece was part of a three-month look at Hip-Hop culture and free speech showcased at a non-profit art space in Albuquerque, called 516 ARTS.

The show itself was called STREET TEXT: Art From the Coasts & The Populist Phenomenon, and included Shepard Fairey, SWOON, Gaia, Mark Jenkins, Alexandre Orion, Slinkachu, Chris Stain, Chip Thomas, Gajin Fujita, Chaz Borjórquez, Lady Pink, Henry Chalfant, Stevan Gutierrez, Christopher Thomas Haag ,and Ernest Doty.

The Bojorquez x Goodwin piece combines Goodwin poetry with Bojorquez' mural project.

Edited by Maria Friesen featuring photography by Christina Bojórquez, Carly Hilo, Rhiannon Mercer, Suzanne Sbarge, Francesca Searer, Irene Valdez and Maria Friesen.

Thank you to Wooster Collective.


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