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Chaos on the Edge of Reason: A continuous mural on canvas by Dalek

Juxtapoz // Saturday, 31 Jul 2010

Dalek has grown to become an accomplished and respected artist with a very known and recognizable style. Last summer he was commissioned to create a 10ft x 22ft site specific painting for Hurley's now infamous 225 Forest concept store, which is home to the Nike 6.0, Converse and Hurley brands.


The artist focuses the piece on an 8-foot high, 37-foot continuous wall mural comprised of hyper-abundance color and planes of space painted canvas from 75 pantone colors.


The painting will be offered for sale by the foot and cut out and framed on demand during the opening. The painting will be offered for $200 per square foot in the following square dimensions:


2' x 2' foot

3' x 3' foot

4' x 4' foot


A smaller companion painting that is 11' by 8' and four limited edition 36" x 48" works on paper will also be available.


Patrons will be able to work with staff to decide on which part of the painting they want to cut out. It will be cut out live, during the event and framed on site. Each person will be photographed with their choice cut from the painting and interviewed on video as to why they selected the section. The resulting still photos and video will be used in a book and video on the project.



Chaos on the Edge of Reason art exhibit will run during the Agenda Open House at Hurley.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

7:00pm - 10:00pm


Hurley's )( Space art gallery

1945 Placentia Avenue

Costa Mesa, CA 92627


More on Dalek at


Read our recent online interview with Dalek right here.




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