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Bwana Spoons: Welcome to Forest Island

Juxtapoz // Saturday, 11 Jul 2009


Bwana Spoons has been making art, zines, comics, toys, shoes, t-shirts, cards, and pretty much anything you could imagine for a long long time. It's been quite a while coming, but now he's got a book "Welcome to Forest Island, which he will be signing today, July 11, from 6-9pm.

Welcome to Forest Island: A book about the artwork of Bwana Spoons is published by Top Shelf.

The Portland Release Party is set for:
July 11, 6-9pm
Book Signing, Pencil Fighting, Fart Knocking!!!

Grass Hut
811 E Burnside.
Portland, Oregon

More on Bwana Spoons at