BLVD Grand Opening

Juxtapoz // Monday, 15 May 2006

Photos by Ert O'Hara

BLVD Gallery (pronounced "boulevard") is a new gallery devoted to the Urban Contemporary aesthetic and the rise of street art and graffiti culture, located in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood. Noticing a lack of venues for Seattle's vibrant urban art scene, gallerist Kirsten Anderson and curator Damion Hayes along with partners Brian Rauchenbach and Marcus Lalario, decided to join forces and create a full fledged gallery devoted to the burgeoning underground scene, and are dedicated to bringing national and international talent to the city as well as fostering the talented local artists working within the genre. More About the gallery on BLVD's website

Outside the neighboring galleries

Two pieces by Invader

Greg Simkins aka Craola

Two pieces by Robert Hardgrave aka Farmer Bob

Another Farmer Bob piece

"Birds in a Tree" by Tra Selhtrow

Detail of "Birds in a Tree"

Warren Dykeman

Bigfoot's Foot Sprout

Damon Soule

Martin Ontiveros

Sylvia Ji

Joshua Petker

More Bigfoot

Close up on another Tra Selhtrow piece

Mear One

Joshua Krause

Joshua Krause

Iosefatu Sua

Come inside

It's Farmer Bob!

BLVD Gallery's Damion Hayes and Kirsten Anderson

Artist Joshua Petker

Little man

Bigfoot print for sale

Farmer Bob print for sale

Artist Ben Tour and his funny friend whose name I forget, but whose Delphi shirt... I will never forget

Porn star/painter Tra Selhtrow

At the gallery...

Artist Mike Leavitt - he makes the Art Army

Crowd getting bigger

Next door at Roq La Rue, they're just starting this collaborative wall behind the bar... Catalina Estrada, Liz McGrath, Travis Louie.. who else?

Artists Travis Louie and Robert Craig at their Alternate Realities show next door at Roq La Rue Gallery



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