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Blabac Photo Book and Shoe

Juxtapoz // Monday, 21 Sep 2009


Blabac incorporated personal touches into the design and packaging, using photo printed insoles, a custom Blabac logo, and a collage of photos on the inside of the shoebox. Also, a limited number of boxes will come with a signed quality print of Blabac skateboarding photography. Sweet.

Mike Blabac’s first book, Blabac Photo – The Art of Skateboarding Photography, documents 20 years of skateboarding history pulled from Blabac’s extensive collection of work. It is the first skateboarding book of its kind, with 224 pages of photography in a beautifully designed, cloth-bound, large format hardcover book. Published by powerHouse Books, Blabac Photo takes you on a visual journey from Blabac’s humble beginnings as a kid who was intrigued by cameras, to shooting some of the most legendary skateboarders of all time.

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