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Big Macs To Join Mona Lisa At the Louvre

Juxtapoz // Monday, 12 Oct 2009


“With its vaulted ceilings and polished, granite walls, the upscale shopping mall beneath the museum — known as Le Carrousel du Louvre — has the same I.M. Pei architecture as the museum. The mall almost feels like an extension of the Louvre itself, and that's partially why the idea of a McDonald's there is ruffling feathers.

“Didier Rykner, chief editor of the French art journal The Art Tribune, is one critic.

“’They say, Oh, it's going to be a very high-level McDonald's,' " Rykner says, laughing. ‘I don't know what is a 'high-level McDonald's!'’

“Rykner says the initial contract for the mall when it opened 20 years ago stipulated only cultural and high-profile shops.

“But officials from the Louvre are assuring critics that a quality McCafe will be positioned in the underground approach to its entrance. The restaurant will represent the American segment of a new food court featuring world cuisines and coffee shops.

“Rykner says that although the French do enjoy fast food, it should remain separate from art.

“’It doesn't fit together because I think McDonald's is one of the lowest level of cooking, and Louvre is one of the biggest level in art,’ he says.”


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