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Big Little Installations by Petros Christostomou

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 26 Oct 2011

To be honest, we thought we were looking at 20' tall sculptures of high heels from artist Petros Christostomou. But look again, these are small installations made to look like the illusion we believed. We were always let down, but we like the work too much regardless.

We read on Christostomou's site, "Petros Chrisostomou photographs small-scale, ordinary, ephemeral objects in architectural models that he constructs himself, and then dramatically arranges, often employing lighting and staging conventions of the theatre. With the alteration of scale and reversal of the relation between object and environment, between imaginary and real space, his photographs challenge the viewer's visual certainties. The illusionary effect he achieves highlights the artist's playful approach, which fluctuates between mimicry of the real world and construction of a surreallistic reality."


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