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Between Dusk and Dawn with Rachel Bess

Juxtapoz // Friday, 09 Apr 2010

Rachel has a stunning knowledge of botany and anatomy, as reflected in her paintings. She has a tiny farm and has written and published a book on urban chickens – which she also teaches about!


The show is a group of solo exhibits and also includes artists Matt Bone, Jeff Gillette, and Billy Norrby.


Artist Statement:

My time is divided between creating paintings and having my hands buried in the ground of my tiny urban farm, facilitating the production of food from its plants and animals.


These two careers allow me ample amounts of solace, and lately I have utilized that time to consider the way people live with the flora and fauna that surround them.


This body of work is about the continuum of relationships between humans and nature - from a harmonic and mutually beneficial relationship to an adversarial one where we try to shape, dominate and control our natural surroundings. The paintings aren't meant to be literal depictions of this balance (or imbalance) but rather to symbolize and evoke the mood of that amity, discord, control and beauty.




Rachel Bess

Between Dusk and Dawn

Copro Gallery (Santa Monica, CA)

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 10, 2010 from 8-11:30 pm




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