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Benedict dos Remedios Loves Cacti- Last One Standing

Juxtapoz // Friday, 13 Jun 2008

Benedict dos Remedios: Last One Standing
Opening June 26th; on exhibit June 27-July 15
Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Words by Alana Armstrong

Cacti are the relentless survivors of the plant world. Using a combination of prickly defenses and resourceful storage the cactus not only outlasts but also thrives in arid, desert conditions.

Although cacti have struggled through steep evolutionary trials to get to their hearty state, we insist on confining the proud and resilient cacti to domestic life as an ornament.

Benedict dos Remedios sees this as an icon of survival both in the natural and man-made environments. Cacti, as a symbol of hope in barren, apocalyptic environments are the subject of his second solo exhibition, Last One Standing for the Charles Hewitt Gallery in Sydney, Australia.

Each mixed media piece shows a small, manicured succulent with spines offset by the optical, pop patterns on their container.

With one successful solo show already under his belt, dos Remedios is poised to have a windfall response to Last One Standing. A deserved initiation to what we can hope is a perennial talent.




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