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Ben Kehoe x Mike Egan Opening

Juxtapoz // Friday, 14 Aug 2009

Ben Kehoe, Angelo Madrigale of Metropolis Gallery, Mike Egan, and Stefanie Dabbs of Atomic Design


Ben Kehoe (the brother of Juxtapoz blogger/artist Andy Kehoe) and Mike Egan opened their two-man show at Metropolis Gallery with a bang.


Egan's work shows his lifelong interest in death mythology - primarily Mexican Day Of The Dead - while Ben's comical folk-influenced art shows a love of the US Civil War, Medieval Art and Feudalism, as well as a passion for the Autumn months.

Ben Kehoe, Angelo Madrigale, and Mike Egan

Morgan Phillips (designer toy artist "The Sucklord"), Simeon Lipman (pop culture auctioneer)

New Works: Mike Egan and Ben Kehoe
August 7th through 31st at Metropolis Gallery.

Take a look at the entire show on Flickr here.




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