Bec Stupak

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 01 Mar 2006

photos by Ert O'Hara

In Soho last week, I visited this show that was just about to come down to make way for The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. I was the only one in the gallery when I visited, so it was somewhat eerie - all this decadence for lil ol me? This genre isn't my usual cup of tea, but I really wanted to visit Deitch. The installation was definitely something to behold, even if the demographic didn't personally speak to me. Over the top for sure. Behold the body part kaleidoscope tv shots...

Here's some text from the PR about the show:

"Couched in an exotic harem-esque interior reminiscent of 1940's B movies, Bec Stupak's installation uses video, sculpture, performance, elaborate set design, body paint, and projected light to create a sense of euphoria.

"The centerpiece of the exhibiton is Bec's blind remake of Jack Smith's legendary film Flaming Creatures. Using members of her demimonde, includiong performance drag group The Radical Fairies, Phiiliip, Agathe Snow, and other downtown celebrities, she recreates the 1963 cult classic based only on the impressions she's collected from others of what the film consists of."

The hood...

The door next door...



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