BATES Solo Show in Malmo, Sweden

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 15 Mar 2011
Graffiti giant, BATES, has a new solo show up at Hanna G in Malmo, Sweden. We go to BATES' blog on 120zProphet all the time because he is really good at keeping it updated. The show itself, with all new works, got a lot of good press from the Malmo press, as well.

The show opened this past weekend in Malmo. Here is BATES bio:

Bates (All In One, COD, TNB, 156, WCA, PCP, WR2, FTP) is an internationally renown writer from Copenhagen,  Denmark. Bates has been active in the writing community since 1984 and has travelled extensively while creating  artwork throughout the known world including the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia,  Africa, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Poland,  France, Slovenia, Greece, Ireland, England, Cyprus and Turkey. Bates has also had artwork and special features
in several books including On the Run Vol. 2, Graffiti Art, Freight Train Graffiti and Burning New York. He’s also  recieved sponsorship and support from top spraypaint companies including MTN Hard Core Montana Spain,  Molotow Belton and German Montana (which also released Bates Power Pink!). Bates has designed for many  top companies including Tribal Gear, Third Rail, Dickies, Redrum, Osiris, Alis, Aerosoul, New Era, Writers Bench, Backjumps and among others. He currently spends most days working in store and running projects  such as Magic Moments. Bates’ primary focus is on good letter styles, handstyle tags and throwups.




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