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Back Talk with Joshua Petker

Juxtapoz // Friday, 16 Apr 2010

Today, I feel:

Like I'm not scared of anything.


If you had three wishes, what would they be?

More wine.

More cheese.

More time.




Do you consider yourself a funny person?

No, but I make a lot of jokes.


If you had one magic power, what would it be?

To converse with the many dead people I wish I could have met.


Something that makes you happy?

The freedom to make pretty things.


Something that makes you mad?

Just one thing? Trying to pick just one is making me mad.




What was your favorite subject in elementary school?

Probably English. But, recess was most likely my favorite part of the day. That and going home.


If you feel a creative block, what do you do to jumpstart inspiration?

I look at art, read books, and get out of my studio for a bit.


When someone is taking a photo, do you smile for the camera or turn your head?

I smile while wishing I had turned my head. I'm a Gemini.


Are you a social network enthusiast?

I love the internet. I'd allow a Google interface to be embedded in my forearm if I could.



What is a quality you don’t like about yourself?

I have a hard time knowing when to stop.


Last good book you read?

Celine's 'Death on the Installment Plan'. Wonderful.


Who has had the most impact on your life?

I don't think I can credit just one person. Lots of dead authors and dead artists have shaped me and continue to be my closest friends.


Are you spiritual?

Not in the way most people would say they are. I think about life and death constantly. I don't pray. I don't believe in an afterlife or that there is purpose. But I care very deeply for life and probably take it way too seriously. I care why we are here even though I know there is no reason we are here. Love is always the answer. Death is always on the way.


One word to describe your artwork?





What’s missing in your life?

A good quality opaque yellow.


Are you a pet person?

I want a dog. I adore my cats.


Is your artwork understood?

Only time will tell. During an interview on Charlie Rose I heard Norman Mailer say, "If you want to know if you've written a good book, wait forty years and find out." That makes sense to me. I'm not going to call myself a visionary or anything, but I expect my work will be looked at with new eyes in time.


My work is about the right now, not necessarily made for right now. But people seem to like it and for that I am very grateful.



The most trouble you’ve ever gotten into:

A few stints in the drunk tank. Nothing too exciting or brag worthy.


Where do you imagine yourself in five years?

Farther along the uphill path.




Joshua Petker

Between Butterflies

Opening Reception Saturday, April 17, 2010 from 7?10pm

On View April 17 - May 5, 2010


Corey Helford Gallery

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