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Back Talk with Clayton Brothers Part Two: Christian Clayton

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 23 Jul 2009

Christian and Rob Clayton, Photo by Bill Farroux, 2009



Today, we bring you an exclusive look at Christian Clayton, half of the renowned artistic duo the Clayton Brothers.


Christian and Rob Clayton are featured in the current issue of Juxtapoz that just hit newsstands and went up for sale online (Juxtapoz #103). The following is an excerpt from their feature story in the magazine:


“Like their kidneys, the Claytons’ artistic sensibilities are a perfect match. It’s as if finding themselves born into an exclusive fraternal organization, they followed form and made up their own secret gestures, rituals, and language.”


Continue to read Part Two of Back Talk with the Clayton Brothers: Christian Clayton.

Christian Clayton


How do you feel right now?


CC: Happy to be painting today.


If you could wake up in a different place tomorrow morning, where would it be and what would you do?

CC: Spain. I would go to the Prado with my family.

If you lost your creative skill, how would you see yourself making a living?

CC: Driving school bus.

If you could punch one living contemporary artist, who would it be?

CC: My self… then my brother.

Was your first kiss worth writing a song about?


CC: Yes, I would call it… What the?

At what point were you particularly happy?

CC: When I started painting with my brother.

No regrets allowed, but there must have been one?

CC: Selling my drum set.

What trait do your friends have in common?

CC: We’re all bananas.

If you had to evacuate your home or studio, what's the one thing you would grab?

CC: My wife, kids, two scrappy dogs, the guinea pig and my shoes.

Greatest love of your life?

CC: Angie Gonzalez.

What is your favorite vice?

CC: Working.

When you blow out the birthday candles, what do you wish for?


If you could play a character from a favorite film or TV show for a day, who would it be?

CC: Mr. Bojangles.

Do you ever lie?


CC: No, but if I do it’s only for the better.


Do you think viewers understand the intent of your work?


CC: The intent is not to be understood.


What virtue can you do without?


CC: Righteousness, unless you really are God.

Do you even notice when you're swearing?


CC: Is dammit a bad word?


What has been your proudest moment?


CC: Graduating from Art Center College of Design.


What would you like to be remembered for?


CC: For being a good egg.


How would you prefer to die? 


CC: Not knowing that I’m dying.


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