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Back Talk with Clayton Brothers Part One: Rob Clayton

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009

Rob and Christian Clayton, The Clayton Brothers, (Juxtapoz #103) have the unique ability to collaborate closely and seamlessly with one another, producing brilliant pieces that appear to have been created with one head, one hand, and one heart.


Likely attributed to their shared blood and gene pool, these brothers seem to have a psychic ability when it comes to creating pieces together—achieving a unique aesthetic that is uniquely (both of) their own.


Beyond creating stunning art together, this duo also co-teaches at the Art Center of Design, inspiring a whole new generation of artists to follow their own creative dreams.


For our two-part feature, we managed to single out the unique voices of these constant collaborators. Today we bring you Part One of Back Talk with the Clayton Brothers: Rob Clayton.

Rob Clayton


How do you feel right now?


RC: Hungry full hungry full hungry full hungry full.


If you could wake up in a different place tomorrow morning, where would it be and what would you do?


RC: In the basement of the folk art museum, I hear that’s where they keep all the half finished works.


If you lost your creative skill, how would you see yourself making a living?


RC: What is creative skill? I like sweeping in circles.

If you could punch one living contemporary artist, who would it be?


RC: I don’t know his name, you know that guy… F him.


Was your first kiss worth writing a song about?


RC: YES, “In Trash City On Party Avenue? I Got A Girl From Kalamazoo”.


At what point were you particularly happy?


RC: Morning, noon and night weekends excluded.

No regrets allowed, but there must have been one?


RC: Not having enough time to skateboard more.


What trait do your friends have in common?


RC: Every one I know has a left and a right foot.


If you had to evacuate your home or studio, what's the one thing you would grab?


RC: My Wife, Dog 1, dog 2, dog 3, then we would start all over again.

Greatest love of your life?


RC: Frieda Gossett.


What is your favorite vice?


RC: Making.


When you blow out the birthday candles, what do you wish for?


RC: More cake please.


If you could play a character from a favorite film or TV show for a day, who would it be?


RC: Eddie, from Stranger then paradise.

Do you ever lie?


RC: Yes, only to myself.


Do you think viewers understand the intent of your work?


RC: I am still working on understanding what we do.


What virtue can you do without?


RC: Purity, I like mud.

Do you even notice when you're swearing?


RC: Yes indeedy.


What has been your proudest moment?


RC: learning which shoe goes on which foot.


What would you like to be remembered for?


RC: My art


How would you prefer to die? 


RC: I am a vampire, I will live forever.


Check out their website for more on the Clayton Brothers


Stayed tuned tomorrow for Back Talk with Christian Clayton


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