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Back Talk with Brett Amory

Juxtapoz // Friday, 04 Jun 2010

Today, I feel:


Excited about the LA show I’m about to have and content with my work.



If you had three wishes, what would they be?


To be liked, have a great personality and a perfect body.



Do you consider yourself a funny person?


Maybe funny looking.



If you had one magic power, what would it be?


I wish I could stop time so I could be more prolific.



Something that makes you happy?





Something that makes you mad?


Smoking because I can’t quit.



What was your favorite subject in elementary school?





If you feel a creative block, what do you do to jumpstart inspiration?


I’m in one right now. I just got back from a 10-mile walk. It didn’t work.



When someone is taking a photo, do you smile for the camera or turn your head?


I try and look cool by not smiling but I usually end up looking like a kook.



Are you a social network enthusiast?


Not really but I’m learning.


What is a quality you don’t like about yourself?





Last good book you read?


I never have.




Who has had the most impact on your life?


My mother.



Are you spiritual?


When I want something to go my way.



One word to describe your artwork?





What’s missing in your life?


Interaction with humans.



Are you a pet person?


I have a cat his name is Minus. That’s where all the hair in my paintings comes from.



Is your artwork understood?


If I explain it.



The most trouble you’ve ever gotten into:


I was always pretty good but one time I ripped that “do not remove” tag off my mattress and my mom found out.


Where do you imagine yourself in five years?


Hopefully I will be making pretty pictures and having them on display at your local flea marked. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.



Brett Amory’s newest works will be on display in a show titled The Waiting Room at Thinkspace Gallery.

June 11th - July 2nd


Opening Reception: Friday, June 11th 7-10pm


More info at





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