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Artist Talk with Jesse Hazelip at SFMOMA Artists Gallery

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010

Jesse will be participating in a discussion centered around his practice and his new installation for the SFMOMA Artists Gallery’s window venue. The talk will be moderated by the prolific artist, and Hazelip’s mentor and former professor, Rob Clayton (of The Clayton Brothers).


The talk will be held at the SFMOMA Artists Gallery on Saturday, August 21 from 2 to 3:30 pm.



Through the techniques of painting and printmaking, Hazelip’s creative practice calls attention to sociopolitical issues from the past that are mirrored in the present through society’s failure to reflect on historical lessons. The artist employs a visual language of historical imagery and national iconography to meld familiar symbols in the American consciousness, such as the buffalo and WWII weaponry.


Through this synthesis, the artist’s practice produces a recognizable lexicon to use in the confrontation of the military industrial complex. Strong imagery and public placement of the artwork--literally on public property--makes it approachable and understandable to diverse audiences, creating an inclusive experience for those who might find the art establishment exclusive or intimidating.


The artist talk offers an open dialogue in which to further examine the evolution of Hazelip’s art practice. Reconnecting Hazelip with his mentor and former Art Center College of Design professor, Rob Clayton, the discussion aims to illuminate the artist’s progression from student to professional artist. As guided by Clayton, the Q and A will address the artistic impetus that generated Hazelip’s installation for SFMOMA Artists Gallery’s street level window.



August 21, 2010



SFMOMA Artists Gallery

Building A, Fort Mason

San Francisco, CA




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