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Art History as Snow Globes by Ligorano/Reese

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 02 Nov 2011

You know what they say; the holiday season begins right after Halloween. With that in mind, we think a good way of learning about art history is in the form of a snow globe (okay, we actually think reading and research is the optimal way, but these limited edition globes from Artware Editions by art duo Ligorano/Reese are great, too).

The collection includes 20 different movements, all fitting in a 7.5" snow globe. So if you have a child, and they are having a hard time remembering the YBA movement or Pop Art, maybe this will help.

The History of Art Snow Globes, designed 2011
20 glass snow globe designs with black base and acrylic text
7 1/2" h. x 6" diameter
edition of 50 each
signed and dated by the artists
$400 each


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