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Armsrock: Zettelkasten

Juxtapoz // Friday, 29 Jan 2010

Armsrock restates the qualities of artistic drawings and transfers them into urban contexts. Known for his life-sized drawings of humans at the edge of society, he glues his drawings on paper on buildings and walls in city environments. As observations and statements they become ephemeral part of public space and community.


The exhibition “Zettelkasten” is a site specific installation, constructed around the idea of an archive of drawings, build on observations of people in the local environment around Sankt Hans Gade, where Armsrock was born and raised.


For more information, see

Armsrock (dk), ”Zettelkasten”

6th of February - 14th of March, 2010


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Skt. hans Gade 19

2200 copenhagen N

open: Friday - Saturday 12:18, Sunday 12- 16




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