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Architecture People by Sean Edward Whelan

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 29 Nov 2011

Australian-born, Japan-based illustrator Sean Edward Whelan creates these well-constructed drawings of buildings and cityscapes arranged as human beings. The Japanese influence, where Whelan studies and teaches, is very apparent in the details of the buildings and architecture. Just as Amy Casey, another Juxtapoz favorite, creates fluid and moving architecture in her work, Whelan gives his compositions a fluid movement, allowing them to appear alive on the paper.

His statement reads, "In 2002, I graduated from the Tasmanian School of Art and have since exhibited work in Australia, the U.S and Japan. I keep in touch with artists from the alternative and lowbrow art scene in Melbourne, and my work has two pretty clearly defined streams which straddle these at times. Pencil drawing is what I’m passionate about, but I flirt with Japanese Kaijyu on the side. It’s complicated, but recently it seems the pencil work has been taking up more of my time."

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