ANPQuarterly #4 Out Now

Juxtapoz // Friday, 19 May 2006

Okay, we got the email two weeks ago but waited to post about it because ANPQuarterly is so hot right now that copies tend to disappear as soon as they arrive in stores. We had to make sure we got ours! Finally, a small stack has appeared at Needles & Pens in San Francisco, so hopefully the rest have arrived at their destinations as well.

ANPQuarterly is published by Brendan Fowler, Aaron Rose, and Ed Templeton completely FREE to you the reader, and free of advertising, in a ridiculously large format which makes toting it around awkwardly awesome.

Issue #4 contains the following and more: Lucy Martin sits down with the dynamic duo behind San Francisco's phenomenally long running and very-important Luggage Store Gallery, while Brendan sits down with the super young and radical Los Angeles band Mika Miko, some quick looks at a clothing store functioning as a gallery/youth workshop, a cool home-grown website/one stop shop for creative home items, an independent school for young artists in Italy and a surf shop in San Francisco that cares as much about art and music as it does boards. Perennial character/ lettering guy to the stars/homie to all, Jamal Duval, breaks down his 20 favorite video classics in the first installment of the Quarterly Video Revue...

Check out their site for more info and a list of locations where it's available. Get yours now, or buy it on ebay later. For real.



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