Andres Guerrero's New Gallery

Juxtapoz // Friday, 26 Feb 2010


White Walls Gallery founder and artist Andres Guerrero has been busy spreading his wings with his new independent project: Guerrero Gallery. The gallery is now gearing up to launch early next month.


“Moving forward with the new space has been really exciting and a challenge at the same time. The plan is to expand off of what has been developed at White Walls, and there will be some familiar faces from there. But, at the same time much work has been made to expand the program and on elevating the representation of the work that will be shown.”—Andres Guerrero (excerpt from our Feature Interview with Guerrero on 1/31)

The Guerrero Gallery will open with style on March 6th with the works of Richard Colman, Aaron Noble, AJ Fosik, Shepard Fairey, Bill McRight among others.


We're excited to welcome Andres Guerrero's Gallery to the ranks of San Francisco's tastemaking spaces.