An Office Find: EA's "Skate Or Die" from 1987

Juxtapoz // Monday, 16 May 2011

Cleaning out part of the Juxtapoz/Thrasher/Slap offices today, we came across this amazing 1987 version of Electronic Arts' "Skate Or Die!", complete with the original floppy disk and made for the Commodore 64. We even have to admit, we had to look up what a joystick was.

We just got a kick out of the graphics and the layout of the packaging. EA actually brought the goods on this one, as there were many different ways to play and skate on "Skate Or Die!". According to Wikipedia, the game featured two ramp events - the freestyle ramp and the high jump, two downhill events - the downhill race (in a park setting) and the downhill jam (in a street setting), and the pool joust. The pool joust, downhill jam, and the downhill race (in two player mode only) were all head to head, while the ramp events were single player. Except for the joust, which was a hand-to-hand knockout competition (literally and figuratively), all of the event winners were decided by a point system.

This is what the intro screen looked like on the Commodore 64:








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