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An Early Look Through 'The Art of Rebellion III'

Juxtapoz // Sunday, 24 Oct 2010

So what is ‘rebellious’ these days? This book series first started back in 2003 when street art wasn’t quite as often covered as it is today. The book sold like hot cakes, so three years later, a follow-up book picked up where the previous left off.


We now have the third installment, which is a beautifully arranged softcover book of about 200 pages looking at the careers of the scene’s most prominent players. While definitely not for the highly informed, it’s a nice book for an art enthusiast looking for something well written and well edited to add to their collection.


From Vhils to Aiko, Escif to JR, Jonathan Yeo, Blu, Nick Walker, Paul Insect, and many more, The Art of Rebellion III reminds us of these artist’s best pieces, as well of the fact that to most of the world, what these people are doing is still considered highly rebellious.


Take a look at photos we snapped of our favorite pages. The book will be available from Publikat Press in November 2010.










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