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Amy Sol

Juxtapoz // Monday, 19 Mar 2007

Juxtapoz contributor Jolene Torr interviews Korean-born/Las Vegas-based artist Amy Sol whose first solo show opened this month at Aidan Savoy Gallery in New York City and will be on view until March 31st.

Written by Jolene Torr

When you look at Amy Sol's paintings, you can almost hear the wind in the reeds, the sips of tea, the animals stirring in a dream, trying to catch their breath. Softly, her artwork holds you in this trance as you're taken along the journeys of a sleepy-eyed girl and her soft-bodied beasts from far-off places.

Spending much of her childhood in Korea, Sol naturally draws inspiration from Asian art such as Manga and Ukiyo-e. The decadent or highly-stylized clothes of her female subjects, however, hark back to Art Nouveau.




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