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Walrus TV Artist Feature: Dzine Interview

Juxtapoz // Monday, 04 Jan 2010

Interested in texture, layering, and the resulting tension between opposing planes, Chicago-based artist Dzine's monumental work is replete with "visual excess."

Having gotten his start in graffiti, many defining elements of his current practice reflect the impact of that early interest. The bright colors, flat abstract shapes, and massive scale of his work speak directly to his roots in street art. However, the form of his work has evolved drastically, resulting in an elaborate combination of installation, painting, and sculpture that work in unison to present a "kaleidoscopic and meticulous world."

Dzine's work has been exhibited internationally, displayed in galleries and museums in Puerto Rico, Brazil, Korea, The Netherlands, and throughout the United States. Watch the interview from "The Run Up," available to the public for the first time for free, on Walrus TV.


About Dzine:

Dzine (aka Carlos Rolo), born in 1970, lives and work in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to exhibiting extensively and internationally, he's been the recipient of the Joan Mitchell Award, a National Endowment for the Arts award, and artist-in-residence programs in England and Kenya.






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