Against the Verse

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 03 Dec 2008

Contra o Verso (Against the Verse) ensembles a group of 8 prominent Brazilian street artists intimately connected to the urban art world. Transferring their artistic production into a gallery space, they establish a new challenge towards the contemporary art circuit, during the Sao Paulo Biennale.

Nunca, Herbert Baglione, Tinho, Alex Hornest (Onesto) Flip, Flavio Samelo, Bruno9Li (work above) and Sesper have roots deep in the streets of Sao Paulo and other major cities around the globe through their respective graffiti, sticker art, skate practices, photography, and writings. Their subject matter goes from philosophical introspection to cultural anthropology.

Against the verse of conceptual art and minimalism reductions, these artists rescue drawing, painting, collage and sculpture, valuing the idea of the handmade and gesture in their work. Surfaces and support become important. The narrative is the answer to the artist’s reflections towards urban issues. Could art undertake a cathartic, more primitive function towards the advances of globalization?

The interventions in the show at Brazil’s Galleria Bergamin generate a powerful mechanism of visual content. This freedom of expression allows for an almost complete occupation of territory inside the exhibition space. The core of this proposal is bonded to the human material, to the experiences of each one, to what concerns matters of diversity, vulnerability, disorder amongst passions and actions.

Contra o Verso (Against the Verse)
has been extended til January, so grab more info here and take a look at some of our favorite pieces in the show here…




Sesper and Nunca


Sesper and Herbert Baglione


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