Adbusting with Mirrors, Magnets, and Ducktape

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 09 Mar 2011

ZEIGER from ????????? on Vimeo.

We know, ads are disruptive. On websites, subways, billboards while driving, and while watching Hulu, you are bombarded in new ways everyday. There are groups of street artists who are doing some interesting, re-distribution of advertisements, like these artists in Berlin who created adbusting devices made of mirrors, magnets, and ducktape.

And in full Internet, 2011-mode, the artist who posted this video goes by ?????????. Awesome.

The full statement: "A couple of months ago, ad-projectors appeared in a Berlin subway station, throwing moving images all over the station walls and lifting visual aggressiveness to a new level. Since the images were projected, we could get between projector and projection to fight this new quality of exaggerated advertisement with its own weapons. Minimalinvasive adbusting devices made of mirrors, magnets and quite some ducktape."

via WoosterCollective.


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