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A Refuge of Art: Video Tour of FAME Fest Monastery x Look Back at Each Artist's Murals

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 14 Oct 2010

We’ve been closely following this year’s FAME Fest, organized by Angelo Milano of Studiocromie. The infamous Grottaglie monastery in Italy serves as a final sort of outdoor/indoor exhibit; a culmination of all the artist’s works who have visited the city to paint its walls throughout the summer.


Navigating the rambling, labyrinthine structure is both unnerving and moving. The transience of the art (after just a few months much of the work has inspired, ahem, ‘responses’ from local artists) adds to the overall sense of dilapidation. Looking back at the Babelgum footage, we were fascinated to see that such a diverse group of artists have responded in quite a cohesive, mystical fashion to the space.




From May through September 2010, these top artists made their mark in Grottaglie.

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