A look at Marion Peck's new book, ANIMAL LOVE SUMMER

Juxtapoz // Friday, 10 Dec 2010

Just going to throw this out there: that is a scary-ass cover. Not in the “I can’t sleep” scary way, but in the, “My dreams are now of little weird animal creatures drinking sake out of coffee mugs at a basement bar in Budapest, and how did I get here with them?” sort of scary way.

Marion Peck’s work has always had that seeping quality, where her beautifully rendered paintings and content stays with you long after viewing. My favorite of her paintings, Leviathan, has confirmed my sneaking suspicions that swimming anywhere that is not a kiddie pool is off-limits.

Animal Love Summer,
her new book through Last Gasp, is a culmination of 17 years of work from Peck, opening with her own personal essay, “I Am a Pagan.” That essay has one of the best moments of the entire book: “We can begin to recognize the validity of anyone’s idea of beauty, to stop constantly judging and fighting with the world, and instead love it, honor it, enjoy it, and have a really fun time at the giant flea market of life. That is why I am a pagan.”





Also, stay tuned for more information on Marion Peck's new show, What You Are, So Once Were We opening at Sloan Fine Art in NYC next Thursday, December 16.