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A Look at 'Cemetery of Reason' by Ed Templeton

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010

With rare friendships and access to the skate, music, and art scene, Templeton was an originator of the shock imagery which so beautifully captures a new generation of frustrated youth. Curated by Thomas Caron, the exhibit offers over a decade’s worth of captured moments.


From paintings of fellow artists to candid photographs of wife Deanna Templeton (Juxtapoz #114), Cemetery of Reason offers a great survey of the artist’s distinctive and often autobiographical work.


Portrait of Miranda July, 2008
Acrylic on canvas

You Like My Grandma?
Black and white photograph with text


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Cemetery of Reason at the MAN

Museo d’Arte Provincia di Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy.

July 29th – October 3rd


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