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A great cover: Gym Class Magazine channels George Lois

Juxtapoz // Saturday, 06 Nov 2010


We don't normally report on too many other magazines. But seeing that our upcoming issue of Juxtapoz, December 2010, has a George Lois interview and feature, we share the sentiments with all magazine geeks around the world after they speak to the legendary cover designer and ad man. Although we said something more like . . .

"Holy s$!#, we just spent 4 hours in George Lois' apartment talking about magazines and Mick Jagger. We can die happier."

So, we are on the same page with Gym Class Magazine, who went to the Lois Esquire archives, October 1966 to be exact, to get inspiration for their new November issue, that features a Lois interview.


Much, much more on our Juxtapoz George Lois feature and website extras in the coming month.


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