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A Chat with Saelee Oh

Juxtapoz // Saturday, 23 Jan 2010

“One time, Los Angeles-based artist woke up before us. Granted, she was 3 hours ahead of us in NYC, and even then, we probably woke before her,” writes The Citrus Report. “It’s a ongoing point of discussion, mainly because we are constantly curious about the daily schedules and disciplines of a full-time, professional artist.”

Read part of a recent chat The Citrus Report held with Saelee Oh.


What time do you get to wake up in the morning?

Whenever I want usually. I have no regular routine. Today I woke up past noon but I’m in a different time zone. Last week I woke up before 7:30 AM for a few days in a row, only because I was forced to. Last two nights I got over 12 hours of sleep and I plan on taking a nap later. Last week I slept 5 hours one night, then 4 the next, then 2, and then 4. I don’t do drugs or drink caffeine or eat breakfast usually.

Los Angeles has its advantages. Give us an example of why being in the LA area is beneficial to an artist?

I don’t know about for other people or what’s specific to only an artist, but for me, it’s being close to my family, the year round pleasant weather, In-N-Out Burger, the beach, desert, mountains and LAX airport so that I can get away as often as possible.

Photo by George Koroneos

What about disadvantages? Are there too many cooks in the kitchen in LA?

I don’t think so. Not that I know of. I get tired of LA because I grew up around here. I get sad when they tear town old buildings or the natural landscape to build franchises and tract housing. San Francisco is a much prettier city. New York has better restaurants. There’s no ideal city; only perfect moments and memories.


Do you think art is an all boy's club?

I make art full time and I’m not a boy. If there’s some club I’m not allowed in, I’ll start my own club. My favorite artists are half men and half women, and I don’t mean hermaphrodites. I like art by kids, adults, unschooled artists, MFA brains, housewives, little siblings and animals. I saw an elephant paint with its trunk. My cat paints better than Jackson Pollock. I just realized that my cat is a boy (and so is Pollock).

Ok, so sometimes it is a boy’s club and you’ll see most galleries dominated by the male gender. I don’t know why this is. I think women are just as creative and capable and we know this to be true without a doubt. Maybe they dominate other creative fields. Someone told me it’s because women are smarter and know that fine art is ridiculous, unstable and not something a level-headed person would pursue. Maybe I do it cause I got hit in the head with a garage door when I was little and rushed to the emergency room, but I’m going to always keep making art just for the sake of art.


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Want to learn more about Saelee Oh? Catch her current solo show, Infinite Roots, at Jonathan Levine Gallery. Show photos are here and a new Back Talk interview we recently conducted with her are here.








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