Opening: Eishi Takaoka @ Giant Robot

Pop Life // Tuesday, June 09, 2015
We got a chance to visit Giant Robot this weekend to see the sculpture of Japanese artist Eishi Takaoka. His work prominently features a serene sculpted head attached to various organic shapes which become odd and surreal juxtapositions. His materials are carved wood painted with raw mineral pigments. The show runs until June 24.

Introducing Your New Favorite Art Tool: The SwatchMate Cube

Juxtapoz // Monday, June 08, 2015
At the Juxtapoz offices, we are constantly in a process of researching trends in both art history and design. We make incremental changes to layouts, think about how to present photography, and especially work with our printers to present the vibrant colors of paintings with exceptional quality. A few weeks ago, we received a new tool that is been a pretty fun experiment in the office. The SwatchMate Cube, as you can see in the pictures above, is a color capturing tool that you can place on any color surface you want and get the exact swatch you were looking for on the companion app.

The Self-Portraits of Samantha Geballe

Photography // Monday, June 08, 2015
Samantha Geballe’s self-portraits provide the viewer with a very powerful, intimate look at her both physically and psychologically. These photographs explore an introspective view of the artist and function to combat misogynistic female beauty standards. In her own words: “My work focuses on conceptual portraiture, allowing for the exploration of human emotion from the inside out. I am currently working on an on-going self-portrait series focused on body image and healing that challenges viewers to question what is means to accept oneself.” 

Garbage Pail Kids: Where Are They Now?

Juxtapoz // Monday, June 08, 2015
Two talented friends, Jake Houvenagle and Brandon Voges dreamt up this pretty great concept, the Garbage Pail Kids 20 years later... as real people, in real situations and with back stories of how their lives have played out. We are happy to hear that these are only the first 6 and that more are coming soon...

The Sixth Annual Vans Custom Culture Competition

Fashion // Monday, June 08, 2015
Finalists for the sixth annual Vans Custom Culture high school art competions are competing for a $50,000 grand prize toward their school’s arts education program. More than 2,500 schools participated in the 2015 competition and Vans turned to the public to vote for the five finalists. The art class from each school will travel to New York City for the final event tomorrow, June 9, at Industria SuperStudio where a panel of celebrity judges will select the winning class...

Aerial Landscapes by Alexander Heilner

Photography // Monday, June 08, 2015
Since 2007, Baltimore-based artist and educator Alexander Heilner has been hiring small planes to aid in the exploration and documentation of his interest in the way infrastructure and human elements interact from an aerial perspective. “As the child of an airline employee,” he says “I clocked countless hours with my face pressed against the windows of various aircraft, or scrutinizing maps of my next destination.” 

13 Unseen Photographs of Brigitte Bardot @ Dadiani Fine Art, London

Photography // Monday, June 08, 2015
We like a good nostalgic moment, especially with an icon involved. Brigitte Bardot has that look that was iconic for the 1960s, making her one of the main representations of French cinema that we can all remember. Right now through June 30, Dadiani Fine Art in London is featuring "Brigitte Bardot: 13 Unseen Photographs, London 1968" by Ray Bellisario, a collection of paparazzi shots from the photographer as he followed the 34-year old star in the British capital as she promoted "Shalako."

"Macbeth" Trailer with Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard

Juxtapoz // Monday, June 08, 2015
I don't want to nerd out too much here, but I like Shakespeare, and Macbeth scares the hell out of me.  It's simply this story in terms of content: "Set in Scotland, the play illustrates the damaging physical and psychological effects of political ambition on those who seek power for its own sake." But its also a mystery when it comes to the theater, a mystical piece if you will full of ritual and superstition (its the Scottish Play, remember). This remake from Justin Kurzel starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard looks pretty amazing, and will be released later this Fall.

Shepard Fairey "Printed Matters & Public Matter" @ Library Street Collective, Detroit (w/update)

Juxtapoz // Monday, June 08, 2015
On Friday, May 22, Library Street Collective will present Printed Matters, a solo exhibition featuring the work of Shepard Fairey, who will return to Detroit for the first time in over a decade. Printed Matters is a continuous series of exhibitions, which focuses on the importance of printed material in Fairey’s art.

Artists Unwind Rope to Look Like Roots and Trees

Juxtapoz // Monday, June 08, 2015
Brazilian artists Janiano Mello and Daniel Landini's (Mello + Landini) on-going series of installations feature intertwining ropes that they have unwound and tied to canvases and walls to form structures that look like the roots of plants and trees.


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